Escapades Of a Travelling DJ Vol.8

July 21, 2014 frvtravel

After smashing his way across the Indian ocean and the Middle East, our roaming DJ returns to his summer home and the centre of the Universe – IBIZA

4000 people fill every corner of the mighty Amnesia terrace. It’s packed and takes some careful manoeuvring to get across the sweaty dance floor. Light begins to streak through the glass panel roof. It’s 6am and “magic hours” are about to begin. The last 3-4 hours of Amnesia and carried out in the full glory of morning sunlight. The heady crowd on this Saturday morning have come for the Italian who knows more than anyone how to reconstruct this colossal room. Marco Carola, with his heavyset build, looks cool as a cucumber and is fully in control. “El Capitano”.

Red and indigo lasers criss-cross the room and the incredible surround-sound-system fills our ears to the point of elation. Marco has played a deep, steady beat for the last 20 minutes and now it’s time to lift the room. He pulls back the music, dropping the beat, extending the break … reverb is added … slowly he adds some delay … tension begins to build … the crowd look up in anticipation … something is coming, something is coming! … someone stirs animated on the dance floor as intoxication reaches maximum level … Marco steps on the volume … the effect of reverb+delay is mesmerising … intense energy ripples through the crowd … surging … peaking … energy builds to an unbearable level … Now is the moment, the moment we live for, the moment psychologists call “transcendental” … a shared euphoria … the drums reach their breaking point … Marco in a single moment releases the drums, the reverb and the delay and the bass drops with the force of an atomic bomb. 4,000 pair of hands punch the sky and a screaming roar of pure joy sends out the undeniable message THIS IS THE PLACE, AND WE ARE HERE ………. IBIZA.

Eivissa, eyebiza, Ibitha, Evizza, Ibitza ..No-one is really sure what the Phoenicians called this island when they first arrived over 1,000 years ago, but I bet they never imagined it would become the centre of the DJ universe and the clubbing mecca it is today. And what a season 2014 is shaping up to be, yes we have it all: glorious sunshine, crystaline waters, a burgeoning social scene, the world’s best nightclubs and beautiful, colourful, flamboyant people aplenty. A recipe for a truly delicious summer.
Ibiza continues its policy of attracting a richer crowd and the St. Tropez A-listers are coming in increasing numbers. Last winter Ibiza saw record investment and with that comes a certain amount of “cleaning up” of riff raff. All this is good and well and Ibiza has maintained it’s bohemian party spirit. It seems as though the island will have the best of both worlds after all. Overall this year is much more settled than the 2013 turbulent season. Less venues have opened and fewer partyies mean people know when and where they should be.

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Word of advice: Ibiza is expensive, so if your coming bring plenty of cash and cards, and a full tank of energy.

As for the clubs, Pachaare is beginning to return to form. ‘Ibiza Rocks’ are new to Mondays and ‘Steve Aoki’ has taken over Wednesdays. ‘Flower Power’ remains on Tuesday, ‘David Guetta’ Thursday and ‘Solomun’ Sunday. No changes over at Amnesia with Sven Vaths ‘Cocoon’ on Monday (now in its 15th season), gay friendly ‘La Troya’ on Wednesdays, ‘Cream’ Thursdays, Marco Carolas ‘Music On’ Fridays and ‘Matinee’ Saturdays. This year Space are welcoming Spanish favourite ‘Elrow’ to host Saturdays with Richie Hawtins ‘Enter’ Thursdays, Carl Cox ‘Revolution’ Tuesdays, and the long running ‘We Love..’ still the big Sunday party (also now in it’s 15th season). DC10 still going strong with Jamie Jones ‘Paradise’ Wednesdays and ‘Circa Loco’ on Mondays (again 15th season). And Ushuaia’s new bill looks like a who’s who of EDM with David Guetta Mondays, Hardwell Tuesdays, Swedish House Mafia Wednesdays, Armin Van Buren Thursdays and Avicci Sundays.

Add to his big party’s at Booom, Privilege, Pikes, LIO, Gatecrasher, Destino, weekly events at San Rafaels Underground, a full weekly bill at the ever-popular Sankeys, champagne & bikini’s at Blu Marlin, numerous other beach clubs like Nassau, OCB, Beachouse, Sa Trinxa, and you have a dreamy summer full of madness.

As for myself I have DJ residencies at the infamous Pikes hotel (see Whams! Club Tropicana video), Ibiza Rocks, Beachouse and the rather flash Roberto Cavalli. And with a steady stream of friends arriving on the island I am crazy busy all day and night but in the nicest way possible.

Final words. Ibiza is expensive, so if your coming bring plenty of cash and cards, and a full tank of energy (Your gonna need it in the clubs).

“La Isle Magica”. Play safe. Have fun. Enjoy the moment!

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