The Wine Spectator Awards in Bali

September 29, 2016 Harald Wiesmann

The Wine Spectator Awards was recently presented to 15 Restaurants in Indonesia, mainly in Jakarta and Bali. This number is out of 3595 restaurants worldwide with the prestigious Award presented by the famous wine magazine, Wine Spectator. 13 Restaurants received the Award of Excellence with only two receiving the Best of Award of Excellence.

my-inner-voiceIt is an honor to be conferred such an award as it is testament to the quality and standing of the restaurant. It demonstrates that the restaurant is very capable of producing a professional wine list, especially when this list features more than 100 different wines for the “Award of Excellence” and more than 400 wines for the “Best of Award of Excellence”. The world’s perception is that a fine dining restaurant should carry a wine list that reflects the standard of the menu and cuisine served. The Award, which is not about the service, is more about the extensiveness and quality of the wines the restaurant should have on its wine list. The judging criteria also measures the ease of reading the wine list and if it is easily understood. In other words, guests of the restaurant should find their preferred wines easily by scanning through the wine list and other quality wines that have a strong name in the world which have been awarded independently with over 90 points by the Wine Spectator.

I would like to share some guidelines which should be considered when putting together a wine list. The significance of creating a good wine list is that it shows if the restaurant staff can effectively and professionally manage the beverage list and also, personally, I believe that a good wine list can act as a kind of business card. To me, a good wine list is often taken home by wine aficionados as they would like to reflect on it and show it to other wine enthusiasts. Then there is the structure of the wine list. What this means is, does the wine list reflect more the grape variation or the wine areas. Sometimes these could also be combined. The paper quality of the wine list is also very important. And if a restaurant wine list starts with the first page announcing an award, then a wine connoisseur is right away wowed.

The Kayuputi Restaurant in the St. Regis Bali has received, since its opening eight years ago, the Award of Excellence for the first two years by Wine Spectator and for 6 years The Kayuputi Restaurant has been the only restaurant in all of Indonesia with the second highest recognition, the Best of Award of Excellence. Kayuputi was also the first restaurant in Indonesia which received the Best of Award of Excellence in Indonesia in 2011.


To want your wine spectator’s two glasses
Is like
To dive into hundreds of wines
Red, white, sparkle, rose and sweet
To taste and chew them
Nearly like a tiger it does
Is to think you all were fleshly wines
Than to write you down
You 400 and more wines of joy
In a book for wine lovers
We call them wine lists
There I sign your names in,
Some are world famous like
Sassicaia, Latour, Opus One,
Almaviva and so on.
And place you in areas,
The old world first
And the new world second
And I do
Control your birth years
Of greatness

Your pricing is the most difficult task
Because as much as 10 different companies,
People, suppliers, tax takers and sup distributers
Have made money with you already.
Far and not so far away.
Alas I try my best.

Than I send you to Award making people
Like the one we celebrate today.
Wine Spectator called
And they did approve
Already 6 times in a row
The 2 glasses you see today
Here in Kayuputi
Oh how wonderful to have you.

my-inner-voice-dec-14-2Harald Wiesmann, Restaurant Manager of the fine dining, Asian-inspired Haute Cuisine Kayuputi and Chief Sommelier at The St. Regis Bali Resort, has a very interesting career history spanning a number of years with different roles in various countries. His 43 years of international experience has led Kayuputi to receive prestigious awards from the Wine Spectator Magazine (USA) for six consecutive years since its opening six and a half years ago, and dubbed as a fine restaurant that has one of the best wine lists in the Asian region. Harald is set to publish his book, titled “Wine and Dine at St. Regis Bali Resort” in the near future.

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