One Legian Victors at Bali Tourism Awards

September 30, 2016 Life on the Island

The Platinum Team of The ONE Legian and Hotel Vila Lumbung rejoiced in victory as the Bali Tourism Award recognised the two properties as some of the leading accommodations on the island


The ONE Legian was awarded “Bali Leading Lifestyle Hotel”, and Hotel Vila LumbungBali Leading Green Resort”. It was the second time for The ONE Legian to be awarded in the same category, showing that the lifestyle hotel’s consistency in maintaining and improving its product and services to meet the guests’ high expectations. In doing so, The ONE Legian also implements the Pawongan from the island’s Tri Hita Karana concept, which is to maintain sound relationship among human beings. “We are committed to always improve our quality and services. Getting the awards simply means that our efforts are much appreciated, and this shows our determination as an organisation, and also acts as a confidence booster for all the members of the Platinum Team,” Ms. Dewi Mas, CHA, CHT, the general manager and advisor of the Platinum Team, commenting on the victory.,

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