Human Roots by Exhibition Michael Obrenovitch

December 2, 2016 Life on the Island

Supporting arts rooted in nature and local culture, Maya Ubud resort presents “Human Roots”, an extraordinary exhibition of tree root sculptures by contemporary French sculptor Mickael Obrénovitch. Mickael harbours an intense passion and respect for trees as an enduring symbol of life. By carving directly into the tree’s roots he sculpts, the artist gives birth to unique artworks with original shapes that reveal each roots’ vital essence, energy and prime character.


The centuries-old roots are vestiges of a rainforest colony that has now perished having been weathered by the elements and time. As symbols of nature’s fragility and wisdom, they seemed to be gestating and waiting for the sculptor to breathe second life into them. This collection aims to confront man with his roots and true nature. The exhibition runs from the 1st November 2016 to the 1st February 2017.

Maya Ubud Resort and Spa
Jalan Gunung Sari, Banjar Ambengan, Desa Peliatan, Ubud
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