Kids and Animals: Bali’s Best Animal Sanctuaries

December 19, 2016 Life on the Island

A special bond exists between children and animals. Whilst adults are animal lovers too, there is just something pure about the connection between a child and creature of the wild!Spending time with animals can be highly beneficial for young ones, as they learn to appreciate and love the living things found in nature.

Now, Bali is no stranger to the animal kingdom, being home to numerous sanctuaries where children, adults and animals can all interact with one-another. If you’re after a family-fun day out, make sure to visit one of these animal-friendly destinations.



Elephants are the world’s most gentle giants and they are also ‘locals’ here in Indonesia. The Sumatran elephant is smaller than its African cousin, but are just as majestic. Sadly, the Sumatran elephant has come under threat due to habitat loss and poaching and are thus listed as being a critically endangered species. Here in Bali, just north of Ubud in the village of Taro, the Bali Adventure Tours family have created a 3.5 hectare sanctuary for these peaceful pachyderms to live in, which also serves as a place to breed, helping the continuing survival of the species.

Here, in the fresh air of central Bali, you and the children are welcomed into this sanctuary to visit, feed, play and even bathe with the giant mammals. You are also open to visit the adorable baby elephants in their nursery. The elephant ride is of course the main reason why kids love the Elephant Safari Park; the elephant ride takes you on a tour along through locally owned plantations as well as through the jungle. After the ride, lunch at the restaurant is a must as you can enjoy a delicious meal while witnessing the elephants playing in the lake in front or roaming around the park. The park is a place of appreciation and education, so for those looking to learn a little more you can visit the Elephant Discovery Museum. The Elephant Art Gallery is the newest addition in this museum, featuring paintings, unique statues and valuable carvings.

Jalan Elephant Safari Park, Taro Village, Tegallalang, Gianyar
+62 361 8988888



Starting in December, perfectly in time for the festive season, visitors of Bali Zoo will be greeted with a unique warm welcome from a friendly herd of deer. Situated within the areal of Bali Zoo’s entrance, Bali Deer Park spans over 4,700 squared meters of lush tropical garden, a home to thirty-four Sitatunga deer, eighteen Timor deer, and six wallabies. Guests are welcome to touch, feel, play and feed the free roaming gracious deer while queuing to purchase the entrance tickets.

Walking through Bali Deer Park, visitors will instantly notice the manicured gardens offering a contemporary feel to the park that features natural plantations, such as palm oil, banana trees, and other flora that one can only be found in the tropics. The park also features a number of water fountains to soothe the senses of any passer-by.

Bali Deer Park is designed as part of Bali Zoo’s commitment to offer unique wildlife experiences for visitors, as they are expected to feel nature’s warm welcome from the moment they first step foot on the zoo’s ground.

Jalan Raya Singapadu, BanjarSeseh, Sukawati, Batuan, Gianyar
+62 361 294357



Bali Safari & Marine Park has forever been a park that dedicates effort in encouraging children to be in love with the natural environment, thus striving to preserve it to the best of their abilities. Such commitment can be seen by having programmes for kids, and Tiny Paws World is one of them. This activity introduces participants to the park keepers to gain a first-hand experience of what it is like to work with the animals. This programme also provides the opportunity to feed and handle some of the animals while learning about what it takes to care for them and feed them.

This unique and exciting animal experience includes helping the park keepers to prep favourite foods for the animals, learning about the animals from the dedicated park keepers, learning how to groom a horse, and learning about the challenges of becoming a veterinarian. The kids are also offered the chance of joining a motorized Safari tour, which carries them on secured, slow moving vehicles navigating through the homes of animals from India, Indonesia and Africa. Children get the precious opportunity of appreciating encounter programs such as the Elephant Educational Show and the Predator to Prey Shows among others.

After having an educational day out in a natural environment, a playing session is mandatory. Children brought to the Park’s petting area as they get a chance in assisting the grooming of the Ponies. The day of fantasy continues with the little ones being allowed free access to an array of amusement park rides that are positioned in the Fun Zone of the park.

Jalan Bypass Prof. Ida Bagus Mantra, Gianyar
+62 361 95000



As a centre for butterfly breeding, preservation and research, Bali Butterfly Park is one unique place where the little ones can come to have an experience with the mystery of nature while the parents come to do their research. The park has dedicated its time and resources to ensure that one can be able to see almost all the famous Bird-winged butterflies in the region. It is no question that butterflies are some of the most beautiful creatures and it is children that really admire them the most.

At Bali Butterfly Park, the children explore what they can’t get from anywhere else as this is the largest butterfly park in the Southeast Asia. The park was established in 1996 and is arguably among nature’s riches, having almost all the butterflies that can be found in every corner of Indonesia and even beyond. The rare encounter with the endemic butterfly species will surely not disappoint the children.

While on their expeditions in the park, the children can take breaks to enjoy beverages and snacks at the mini restaurant in the park. And to secure a memory of the park, souvenirs are available at the Souvenir Art shop.

Jalan Batu karu, Banjar Sandan Lebah, Wanasari Village, Tabanan,
+62 361 8940595



This is the best place where children are provided with unrivalled opportunity to learn more about birds. Special events are frequently sponsored by the park to increase the awareness in adults and children alike of the threats faced by wildlife today. While in the park, the children will be able to learn about and see about a thousand different birds of 250 species within just a single day. There is probably no other park in the entire world that can offer such a high number of species to their researchers.

Expect to feed the pelicans, the Papua rainforest bird, the lory, and the birdstars among others. With lessons from geography and biology learnt at school, school children will be able to interact with the rainforest in the park – a rainforest that has been preserved from modern disturbances. The kids mostly enjoy birds when they are freely interacting in their natural habitat, rather than interacting with them when they are confined in cages.

Jalan Serma Cok Ngurah Gambir, Singapadu, Batubulan, Gianyar
+62 361 299352

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