NOW! Bali’s Annual Red and Black Dinner

January 3, 2017 Life on the Island

Every year, NOW! Bali brings friends, partners and supporters together under one roof to celebrate the passing of another great year in the annual Red and Black Dinner. On Tuesday, 29th of November 2016, this year’s dinner was held at the all-new Anvaya Beach Resort Bali in Kuta who welcomed the best of Bali’s hospitality, restaurant and tourism industry through its doors at their beachfront Sands Restaurant.


The evening started, as all good evenings do, with early evening drinks of sparkling wine, cocktails and canapés as the sun went down in the distance. The beautiful Sands Pavilion was host to the entering guests dressed in elegant black and red, in accordance with the evening’s theme. The event then moved to Sands Restaurant itself and all guests too their seats. NOW! Publisher Alistair Speirs thanked everyone for their support for NOW! Bali over the year and spoke of the necessity that as key players in Bali’s tourism industry, they should remember to promote and represent Bali the right way in 2017, aiming to preserve and cherish the best and most unique aspects of the island.

The rest of the evening was filled with celebration, as guests delved into the huge open-plan buffet kitchen of Sands, continued to sip their drinks and enjoyed the company of one another and the festive ambience. Certificates were given to NOW!’s biggest supporters over the years, and also best-dressed prizes were handed to NovariaIrianti and Nigel Mason. The eventy wascharmingly MC’d by Edward Speirs.

A big thank you to the Anvaya Beach Resort for hosting our annual event, as well as all of those who supported NOW! in 2016. Also a big thank you to all of you, our readers, we look forward to an exciting 2017.


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