Comment on The Age of Technology by Ian

January 6, 2017 Ian

Maybe I’m an aspiring member of the dinosaur club, but I am at the same time guilty of engaging in social media. But not as avidly as many I know.

The world is getting smaller. We can connect on whatsapp and instantly “text-chat” or even video call people on the other side of the planet. When it’s morning here and evening there or vice versa.

But how lonely and unfulfilled does it leave us? There’s a spark, energy and vibrancy when engaging with people face to face. It enriches the soul when you look somebody in the eye and really listen to them. And it’s reciprocated when they listen to you. In the real world. Next to each other.

That transfer of personal energy simply isn’t there on text-chat or social media threads. You are left wanting. So you do more of the same. When the real answer is switch it off.

Only use text or the phone to arrange to meet instead. And say what needs to be said in person.

If we go back to that, the world will feel bigger and richer again. As opposed to smaller and stifled with all the noise that our new electronic appendages seem to attract as they handcuff us to a sense of isolation.

I hope more mobile phones begin to spontaneously catch fire.


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