Upside Down World: 180 Degrees Fun

January 20, 2017 Kartika D. Suadarna

Kids can get fussy when they feel bored because there is not much to do. So, where is there to go when the rain seems endless and going out to the pool or beach seems like an implausible option? Well, Bali has several fun indoor activities to keep the kids occupied. And, there are some that involve the whole family, that would surely bring a smile to everyone’s face.


Upside Down World is not an ordinary gallery. Having opened its door to the public at the beginning of this year, Upside Down World has proven itself as an exciting place to visit and experience. It seems everyday is a busy day for them. If you’re new to this kind of world, entering the gallery means you should adapt to the uncommon scene and get ready to have fun in this 180° rotated world.

This is the place where the ceiling is actually the floor and many items are attached to the ceiling. Upside Down World Bali introduces the Living Space theme and features ten different rooms. It starts with the living room where we can find a real sofa, television, and to celebrate the festive season, a warm fireplace and Christmas tree circled with boxes of presents. The next space is the master bedroom that boasts a simple modern interior with combination of pastel colours. The other interesting rooms are the kid’s room, dining room, kitchen, laundry area, bathroom, and garden. A newly built pink space, for the princess of the house is displayed too. Last but not least, a Balinese style living room is also available to mark that you’re in Bali.


The visitors are encouraged to take memorable photos in each room. Taking photos in those upside down space is not as easy as it looks. The whole family can end up attempting some crazy and creative positions to get some unbelievably cool pictures. Funny poses and distinctive expression are sort of necessary to make the pictures look great. A photo guide who can advise the visitors on how to pose, where to pose and from which angle the photo will be best taken, and even to take the pictures for you is on standby in each room. At first some kids may not get the idea, but wait until they start enjoying the challenging pose. Meanwhile some kids may get attracted by the unusual scene right after the entrance and can’t wait to shift from one room to another not allowing the parents to spend a long enough time to take photos.

It is not only fun for just the kids; it is also going to be a whole new experience for each family member. Being in an unusual and out of the ordinary world stimulates creativity and gears the kids to look at things and condition from various different perspective. Different and abnormal is not a disturbance, but unique and intriguing.

Upside Down World
A : Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai No.762, Pemogan, Denpasar
T : + 62 361 8473053
F :

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