Escapades of a Travelling DJ Vol.4: The Ibiza September Report

December 1, 2013 frvtravel

DJ Tony Montana files his last report from the dance capital of the world, Ibiza, after spending four months on the Mediterranean isle. This month it’s closing time.

September is a wonderful month to be in Ibiza. On the first of the month the whole island breathes a collective sigh of relief. August is over and thank heavens. The temperature lowers to something more comfortable and a slight breeze prevails. It’s as if the wind is blowing away the stress of August. Things feel fresh again. The crowds leave the island and a two-week lull is created providing the perfect opportunity to refresh oneself and prepare for the coming onslaught. The closings.

The closings are hardcore and take place over the last two weeks of the month, with the “Grand Finale” on the 4-7th October. You can party for 96 hours straight for the Grand Finale. That’s four days and nights straight-through! Everything gets very messy as seasoned party-goers fill the island and give one last push. The clubs extend their opening hours. Amnesia is closing around 11am/noon. It’s getting dangerous out there, but the finish line is in sight with space blankets, rehydration salts, medics and stretchers all waiting on the other side.

2013 Summary
Ibiza was a bit unsure of itself this year. Rapid changes are afoot and not all for the best. Politicians and businessmen have tried to “clean up” Ibiza by making the island more expensive in the hope of pricing-out the bottom end of the market. The hope is to attract more of the St. Tropez crowd with their good manners, fat yachts and even fatter wallets. New clubs have sprung up to cater to them, and VIP is spreading like a bad cold across the island. But being more expensive has not lead to people being more responsible, and Ibiza is as debauched as ever. I guess the danger is that slow commercialism could kill the original spirit. The hippy ideals that have made this island what is it could be replaced. But perhaps not. Time will tell and I think the island will resist it.

The Magic Of Richie
Stand out DJ for a generation is none other than Richie Hawtin. Nicknamed “The Wizard” he is a huge force on the island and a constant source of inspiration. A man with DJ’ing skills no other can match. I will attempt to explain “the Magic Of Richie”. In simple terms it is a combination of incredible music, impeccable mixing, charismatic appearances and–the key bit–unrivalled manipulation of beats. When Richie is playing he is constantly (and sublety) adjusting the beats. He has at his disposal an incredible set of personalised delays and you never quite know what is the actual beat of the track and what he has created through use of delays. From reverse delays, to ping-pong delays, to flanged and out-of-phase delays. You just never quite know what the heck is going on, but it is incredible stuff. Richie is a cut above the rest and take’s DJ’ing to a new level … I salute you.

Marco Carola & Loco Dice
Along with Richie these make up the “Big 3” and from what I’ve seen are the only DJ’s that can crush a crowd of 5,000, for an eight-hour set, and leave every single person begging for more. They are slayers and leave destruction in they’re wake. They are The Overlords. Formidable and mighty … and I salute them.

The Amnesia Terrace
I have to tell you that the Amnesia Terrace is the best room in the whole world. There are other rooms that come close, but Amnesia is No.1. Saying that you have to know how to tackle this beast. Amnesia is a tsunami of energy and you can either be crushed by it, or you can ride it’s crest with spectacular results. Experience and timing are crucial. You need to go on the right night, with the right people and at the right time. Get this right and you will have a clubbing experience that will blow your mind. Amnesia Terrace is the Mother Ship. The Temple. The Alter … and I salute you.

The Party’s – Tony’s Top 5
1. Marco Carola and Loco Dice back2back – Amnesia – sometime in July. This one goes down in the history books. Marco and Loco Slayed Amnesia until 10 in the morning. It was total devastation. I was beside myself, this was beyond incredible. Another special mention goes to “Music On” September 20th. Marco was on fine form, I had great company (you know who you are) and the whole night was just perfect. Wow!

2. Richie Hawtin – DC10 – sometime in August …. Richie is at Space every Thursday and flying round the world all other days. There were only two other opportunities to see him play outside of Space. He did Amnesia once, which I missed, but his set at DC10 was stunning. He blew the roof off with an exceptional set. Very special indeed.

3. Tale Of Us & Maceo Plex – Space – one Thursday early in September … Tale Of Us are getting stronger and stronger with each passing year. They were phenomenal on this occasion and just when I thought it couldn’t get any better Maceo Plex came on and Rinsed the Space Terrace, completely destroying it. The crowd went Nuts. Maceo was sensational!

4. Music On after-party at Cova Santa – late August …. Cova Santa is like a huge amphitheatre set in the hills and was a staggering location for this one-off party. Breathtaking views, strong and unified crowd, Marco Carola on the decks. This party ruled! After 14 hours outside the party moved inside for another six hours. BIG.

5. Groucho Club Pool Party – secret location – sometime in August … My old friend Liz Mendez teamed up with Groucho from London and threw a beautiful and intimate party round a pool in a magnificent villa. Astounding views, amazing food and drinks, the party ran all day then moved into the villa until god knows when. Again the perfect combination of music, people and venue for a unique and memorable party.

Here are Tony’s latest two mixes from Ibiza


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