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May 1, 2017 Life on the Island

The Balinese culture, along with many other Asian traditions, has a long history of healing techniques and traditional medicines. And honoring this custom quite a number of the island’s top luxury hotel spas now incorporate these treatments into their menus for the ultimate pampering experience, allowing you to treat yourself to the rich traditional formulation of age-old traditions.


DaLa Spa is known for its comprehensive menu that caters to your needs – head-to-toe. The spa’s signature treatment, for instance, is a series of rituals that will leave you rejuvenated and relaxed. The treatment begins with a DaLa Foot Ritual featuring warm water infused with rose petals, mint, and pineapple. With your chosen aroma oil blend, you will enjoy a relaxing back, neck, and shoulder massage. This is followed by a luxurious Royal Empress Facial Ritual (for the ladies) that uses fresh and natural ingredients that are perfect for all skin types.


Another treatment that may also impress you is the DaLa’s Potpourri Spa. This inspiring treatment is based on the beauty of the Indonesian and Malay cultures. It begins with a Betel Nut Foot Ritual, which is an age-old Malay custom. Then a Balinese massage is performed, starting off with a ritual by sprinkling of fresh flower petals to generate positive energy. The Canaga Infused Coconut Body Scrub will leave your body silky smooth, before ending with a lavish Potpourri Bath to recreate the opulence of a Malay Wedding Bath.

DaLa Spa at Alaya Resort Kuta
A : Jalan Kartika Plaza, Gang Puspa Ayu No. 99, Kuta
T : +62 361 755 380
W :


Spa offerings at Kriya Spa have been specifically developed based on the traditional healing and beauty rituals of Bali. They are individually tailored to create specific treatments to address wellness goals, promote health and enhance mind-body balance. Celebrating the authentic Balinese healing forms with treatments based on “wellness rituals” at its spa villas, Kriya draws inspiration from the traditional Balinese healing philosophies – Hindu, Jamu and Ayurveda, to promote positive health, delay aging and promote longevity with the use of natural herbs, roots and essences.


The spa’s Shakti Kriya ritual, meaning strength and vitality, integrates indigenous “Jamu” herbalism to bring about the positive changes in physical health, emotional balance, and spiritual well-being. This treatment ritual is recommended for those with low energy, chronic fatigue, aches and pains, poor circulation and for those seeking vitality and rejuvenation. The method of treatment involves application of herbal pastes, full body herbal oil massage treatment and soaking in mineral rich herbal salts to increase internal strength, boost blood circulation and soothe the signs and symptoms associated with stressful lifestyle conditions.

Kriya Spa at Grand Hyatt Bali
A : BTDC Complex, Nusa Dua
T : +62 361 77 1234
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Meaning “the beautiful sheen of a woman’s child”, Sakanti Spa offers an oasis of serenity in busy Kuta – the ultimate barefoot sanctuary for Spa and Beauty rituals in the area. An enlightened feeling of weightlessness waits as you doze to the sound of the pounding surf, all the while experiencing a sensory afterglow and the rejuvenation of mind and body.


Inspired by Balinese heritage and traditions in wellness, Sakanti’s Urut Naga Bali uses the Balinese traditional techniques of using palm pressure with thumb and firm finger long strokes combined with flowing techniques to relieve muscle tension and improve blood circulation. This treatment will stimulate your body by applying the needed pressure to various points and parts of your body. Traditionally Urut is believed to promote health and strengthen the body’s own healing abilities.

Sakanti Spa at The Anvaya Beach Resort Bali
A : Jalan Kartika, Tuban, Kuta
T : +62 361 759 991
W :


Magnificently atop a valley with spectacular views overlooking the tropical jungle, Lembah Spa is considered one of Bali’s most tranquil settings, the perfect location for a health and wellness transformation. Treatments have been distinctively developed merging modern western science with the age-old wisdom of Balinese healing traditions. In fact, the name of Ubud town originates from the Balinese word “obat” which literally means “herb” or “medicine”. If this region is the centre of healing, then Lembah Spa is at its heart with unique traditions in healing relaxation.


Your romantic getaway at Lembah is enhanced by the the spa’s Romantic Couples Treatment. Here, you and your loved one are treated to a 120-minute pampering session that begins with the traditional Balinese Massage using the essential oil of your choice. Your therapist will then apply the Pevonia Silky Skin Scrub and and body mask using natural yoghurt. The session continues with a warm flower bath. Relaxation time accompanied by fresh juices concludes your romantic treatment at Lembah.

Lembah Spa at Viceroy Bali
A : Jalan Lanyahan, Banjar Nagi, Ubud
T : +62 361 971 777
W :


Set atop a beautiful forested gorge with the rushing Petanu river below, the Spa at Maya Ubud is a perfect place for a natural renewal. The combination of stunning scenery and simple, elegant décor creates a space for the mind to unwind and the body to relinquish any stresses or strains, so it is no surprise the Maya has a won Green Globe Award. The gentle attention of the staff blends the elements to allow guests to simply go with the flow of the massage, bask in the beautiful natural light and breathe in the softly fragranced forest air. The Petanu Interlude and the Maya Escape spa treatments feature Balinese style massages, with either a body scrub or reflexology treatment followed by herbal or floral bathing that deepens the overall sense of total relaxation.


Alternatively, the spa’s Herbal Treatment uses traditional herbal remedies that have been used by the Balinese for thousands of years. They believe these natural remedies warm the body, relieve tired muscles and alleviate minor rheumatic conditions. Therapeutic herbs assist in the removal of toxins from the body and refresh your skin. This treatment begins with a neck and shoulder massage, followed by a herbal manipulation of the entire body and ends with a scalp massage.

Spa at Maya at Maya Ubud Resort & Spa
A : Jalan Gunung Sari Peliatan, Ubud
T : +62 361 977 88
W :


The Banyan Tree Spa is a pioneer of the romantic tropical garden spa concept that blends Eastern therapies with the holistic applications developed to bring focus on spiritual, mental and physical harmony. Here you can indulge in an exotic menu of time honored, traditional treatments under the skillful hands of the spa’s therapists. Calm your mind and take in the peacefulness of your surroundings as the spa therapist offers you a soothing footbath, herbal drink with refreshments and a few minutes to leave the cares of the world behind.


A well-loved treatment at the spa, Royal Banyan delivers the best of Eastern and Western massage techniques to improve blood circulation and ease muscle aches. Featuring a warm herbal pouch dipped in sesame oil, this signature treatment presents the quintessential Banyan Tree Spa experience like no other.

Banyan Tree Spa at Banyan Tree Ungasan
A : Jalan Melasti, Banjar Kelod, Ungasan
T : +62 361 300 7000
W :


A relaxing yet invigorating treatment, the Discovery Spa’s Kartika Signature Massage is a combination of several traditional techniques used to create an amazing experience. This treatment incorporates the fluid relaxing strokes of the Swedish technique and the acupressure technique of a facial, while forearms and thumb pressure are also used to include Lomi Lomi massage and Balinese massage. This signature treatment exudes the very essence of customization, luxury and elegance of the spa, recreating a synergy of mind, body and soul.


But if you have time in your hands, then the spa’s Discovery Spa Luxury Retreat is your ticket to a total of 240-minute session of soothing your body using fresh apples followed by a revitalizing scrub with a special blend of chocolate and essential oils to get rid of that extra cellulite. After 60 minutes of traditional Balinese massage and a healthy meal, you’ll be treated to a refreshing Decléor Hydrating Facial. To ensure you look completely polished, you will finish your experience of luxury with an OPI manicure or pedicure.

Discovery Spa at Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel
A : Jalan Kartika Plaza, South Kuta
T : +62 361 751 067
W :


Rooted in Thailand, the essence of Anantara philosophy, ’without end’, stems from Asian Sanskrit origins and extends seamlessly to the brand’s global reach of spas located in the most exotic destinations around the world. Anantara’s enduring belief is expressed in perfect harmony through the traditions of each locale, beyond which a yearning for ageless, natural remedies is answered by a finely tuned repertoire of health and beauty concepts which deliver intoxicating authenticity.


In this meaningful sanctuary of ancient glory and prosperity, Anantara Spa treatments are inspired by the intrigue of our exotic destination, and harness the richness of Indonesia’s Spice Islands which were once the world’s largest producer of mace, nutmeg, doves, and pepper. These coveted ingredients were sent to Persia over 3,000 years ago and the volcanic islands enjoyed a thriving trade with the Far East for centuries, before European vessels descended throughout the 1500s. Symbolizing luxury and highly valued for their distinctive flavor and medicinal benefits, Anantara Spa fuses precious spices from Indonesia and beyond to bring you a wealth of pampering aromatic rituals.

Anantara Seminyak
A : Jalan Abimanyu (Dhyana Pura), Seminyak
T : +62 361 737 773
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