Sustainability in Bali: For you or for the island?

June 13, 2017 Alistair G. Speirs

I am on a “sustainability” rampage at the moment and it seriously worries me why everyone else is not!


Perhaps it is the word “sustainability” which puts people off. It certainly has so many meanings and is so misunderstood. At its core is the whole concept of “keeping going” which is pretty obvious but it means keeping-going-by-doing-the-right-thing-and trying-to-do-things-better-and-more-efficiently-and-saving-energy-and-reducing-waste-in-doing-so and-being-good-to-employees-and-the-community-and-the-planet-at-the-same-time!

Yes it’s a bit all-encompassing isn’t it?! But that’s what we have to do and for me to meet people who don’t understand that we have to put every effort we have into making life better for all is simply amazing-and disappointing. But they exist and sadly, they are the majority at the moment.

We at NOW! Bali have a very simple way of classifying people: are they here to help Bali or to help themselves? If it’s the latter, we really don’t want to know them. If it’s the former – welcome – stay, play, work and help Bali to be a better place. If it’s the latter – please see above!

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