Baking Empire’s Handmade Sumptuosness

August 28, 2017 Life on the Island

Are you craving for that trendy, fluffy cheesecake? If you are then look no further. Offering those with a sweet tooth and foodies in general some of the best cheesecakes in Bali, Baking Empire offers handmade goods that are baked freshly and daily from scratch using the highest quality ingredients. The patisserie’s Volcanic Cheesecake and Cotton Cheesecake have won the hearts of many, even those outside of Bali – the two items have quite a number of serious fans in Jakarta and Surabaya, who have them shipped to the Java cities. The generous amounts of cheese thrown into the artisan cakes and the cakes’ soft texture are what make the cheesecakes irresistible.


Of course, there’s more than just cheesecakes at Baking Empire. With other varieties of cakes such as chiffon (and delicious birthday cakes), Chinese pastries, Portuguese tarts, cookies, sweet buns, and breads, you are definitely spoilt for choice here. The secret to the Baking Empire’s sumptuousness is the use of freshest ingredients such as the fruits, chocolates, cheese, and butter – and they even grow their own yeast – without adding artificial flavouring, colouring, or trans fats.

Baking Empire
A : Jalan Teuku Umar Barat No. 8, Denpasar
T : +62 811 3922 345

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